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Bangladesh Elevator Escalators & Lift Importers Association (BEELIA) is Bangladesh’s first lift association created by a bunch of esteemed lift companies with the soul vision of bringing all the lift companies together and creating a community that every businessman would dream about. BEELIA is basically a trade organization and advisory body for the lift and elevators industry. BEELIA represents a single voice for the sector.


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Mission & Vision

To promote quality, safety and the highest technical standards and to encourage technical progress in the fields of manufacturing, installation and maintenance all kind of Elevators & escalators.

To participate in the formulation of codes, standards, regulations, instructions or other notifications, regarding all kinds of Elevator & Escalator products, together with national, EU or international organizations, and to supervise the implementation thereof.

To help the government set up a particular body who understands the elevator sector and the safety laws that comes along with this sector.

To help maintain a particular standard of Elevators & Escalators.

To help the members have a fair claim towards the government regarding decisions made for this sector.

To make sure everyone in this sector is doing business with honesty and integrity.

To refrain people from copying someone else’s brand.

To collect and update information, to set up databases and to publish statistics on equipment and services related to Elevator sector associated systems and their components.

To promote information and continue training of installation or maintenance personnel.

To identify the needs and interests of its members and to inform them of the legislative and political developments at Bangladesh.

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